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Picture of John T
John T.

John T. began making music at the tender age of 9.  An ASCAP singer/songwriter, his eclectic career includes appearances on stage as well as behind the boards.  John’s a published author as well, having been mentored by the great fantasy genre writer, Mercedes Lackey.  He’s been pleased and proud to own guitars built by Martin, Taylor, Collings, Alvarez, and many other brands — high and low brow — from Harmony on up.  John enjoys contacts with several people in the music industry, and sharing his knowledge and expertise.  Originally from Chicago, John now hangs his hat and instruments in northern Oregon, which offers a perfect climate for acoustic guitars and songwriters.

pic of Mike B playing a guitar.
Mike B.

Mike B. is a successful businessman with a bad case of GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) who enjoys a rather impressive quiver.  His entire family is musical.  Many times a year, the house and yard are full of friends and neighbors.  Everyone has to play (or play at) some instrument.  In this way, Mike has brought the gift of music to many people who never thought of themselves as musical before.  Hailing fromHalifax , Nova Scotia, Mike and his family now live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  His sons are also musical, and they get together often every week to enjoy the gift of music with each other, and their friends.

JT and MB became friends while Mike was on a quest for The One and John struggled to help him find it (ED: More like dragged him kicking and screaming to it!)  They had both become fed up of all the biased reviews from stores which were clearly promoting what they had to sell, the inaccurate pricing phenomenons, and a plethora of misinformation being spread.  This online publication is a result and their response, an answer to the problem.  Thus began Acoustic Guitar News.

Our purpose is to bring you the truth, unbiased, unwashed, and accurate, about what we come across.  Respectful discourse is always welcome.

NOTE: Advertisers are welcome, but we do not accept advertisements from brands or products, as that would create a conflict of interest.