Peak’s D10 Guitar Stand


There are few new things under the sun.  Even the modern move towards smaller bodied guitars and 12th frets is returning to a technology already invented.  So when Peak offered the D10, we were dubious… and then very pleasantly surprised.


Safe, secure and unobstructed!

The usual guitar stand is a tripod in some variation or configuration.  Exceptions involve alternative hangers that grab the guitar by the neck.  But not this one. This doesn’t have anywhere near the footprint OR manhandling.  Instead, the guitar rests safely and comfortably on padded surfaces, neck free and available to you, so you can simply grab it and play.

Waiting for your guitar or other instrument.  When not in use, the support arm folds down and the unit slides right on into the provided travel bag.


Comes in this handy grab-and-go bag!
Safely cradling your precious instrument.

No, it’s not the first choice for a house full of rowdy children and pets.  If that’s the situation, a Hercules stand is your only real option and the safest place is back in the case.  But if your guitars live in a less chaotic environment, or if you want to use it as a travel stand, the D10 is ideal!

POST ADDENDUM: We saw this product and met with the maker at NAMM, and they’ve added a version that can be on the wall, holding your guitar and then slide off the wall to be a floor stand!  Stay tuned for the follow-up!




If you enjoy and appreciate the articles, we hope you’ll purchase your Peak D10 guitar and uke stand by clicking on the link below.  We get a small percentage of the sale.