NAMM 2016

The Anaheim Convention Center hosts the NAMM show every year.
The Anaheim Convention Center hosts the NAMM show every year.
The Anaheim Convention Center hosts the NAMM show every year.

It’s NAMM week, and Anaheim, CA is filling up with the latest and greatest the music industry has to offer.  Many millions will be spent and arranged for this week.  Music store owners’ schedules are already full, meeting with reps from all the various companies that help us make beautiful sounds.  Acoustic guitar makers from all over the world will be revealing new models starting tomorrow, thought the show doesn’t officially start until the 21st.  Keep an eye open for our unveiling of Taylor’s new models and some very attractive changes, which we’ll be revealing in the morning.

One of many styles & colors
One of several styles & colors

Another first you’ll be hearing about is Thalia Capo and their version 2.0, which we expect to have in hand for review within a week or so.   The Thalia story is an inspiring one, and Chris and his daughter have done an extraordinary job of bringing an outstanding idea to market.  Capable teams and wise growth strategy play important roles in it. The innovations added to version 2 make it the very best (and most attractive) capo on the market.  You’re going to want one of their capos!


If you’d like a bit of inside info on the NAMM show, you can download their app.  JUST CLICK HERE on your mobile device to get it!  All the vendors and their locations are there, so you’ll be able to browse and search for your personal favorites, see what they’re up to.

If you’re on Twitter, chances are that you’ve already been slammed about the NAMM show for days.  It’s great to build excitement, but a few of the vendors are overdoing it just a tad and I finally had to unfollow them.  It really isn’t wise to tweet something every 5 minutes for 7 days straight, especially when it isn’t anything earthshaking you’re yammering about.

Note that the NAMM show is not open to the public.  It’s only for music industry professionals.    That makes it a very different mood and feel than just going to a gigantic music store to browse.  Everyone present is in the business, whether as a shop owner, a salesman, a tech, a musician/artist or a manufacturer.  It’s a great experience for those qualified to attend.

Most of the vendors/manufacturers will have some sort of live coverage going on.  We’re not planning on adding to the data congestion.  Instead, you’ll be able to get a condensed version here, in the form of product reviews and news.  Keep checking back for new posts!