Peak’s D10 Guitar Stand

January 18, 2018 jt 0

  There are few new things under the sun.  Even the modern move towards smaller bodied guitars and 12th frets is returning to a technology […]

Taylor Announces New Options!

April 14, 2016 jt 0

Taylor informed us that they have some new options available on their guitars, and some of you will be very pleased. It isn’t the latest news […]

Eastman Busts the Barrier

October 13, 2015 jt 0

Eastman Busts the Barrier! Oct. 13, 2015: Solid wood guitars at $600?  Say it isn’t so!  Ah, but it is, and this time they’re smart […]

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Guitar Center Jumps The Shark!

October 4, 2015 jt 5

Guitar Center Jumps The Shark! Guitar Center, the music industry’s retail giant for decades, has finally Jumped The Shark.  The end draws nigh.  In the […]

picture of a welcome mat with a guitar and the words "welcome to the music"


September 20, 2015 jt 0

Welcome to Acoustic Guitar News! In the days and weeks to come, we’ll be bringing you the latest in news, articles, reviews and industry insider […]