Eastman Busts the Barrier

Eastman Busts the Barrier!

Oct. 13, 2015: Solid wood guitars at $600?  Say it isn’t so!  Ah, but it is, and this time they’re smart enough to use an open-pore satin finish so the sound can all come pouring out!  Last month, Eastman has added 4 new models to their lines — two orchestral shapes and two dreadnaughts.  Check out this video, see and hear how sweet it is (or isn’t)

Where’s the catch? The catch is that, like the rest of Eastman’s line, they’re made offshore, in Asia.  So some that may not matter.  After all, most guitars are imports.   But there’s a big difference between Taylor’s lower end guitars being made 30 miles away from their San Diego factory and having the entire operation be halfway around the world.  The proof may be in the pudding, but jury’s still out on these instruments.  We aren’t opposed, but note that their entire video presentation doesn’t have one strummed chord.  Most any instrument can sound good being picked and through enough electronics.  So we’re in “Wait and Hear” mode, and will try to get an unbiased review for you in the near future!

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