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The 524ce and 526ce and 528e First Edition Mahogany Taylors are here!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.23.47 PMThere’s been a first spotting of these newest releases from Taylor in the wild!  We’re not at liberty to say where, but the price we found is just a hair under $2,000 USD for the First Editions.
The up-side?  They’re proving to be a relatively balanced workhorse not unlike the reputation the 414ce has earned.  The down-side?  Aside from a First Edition plaque on the case and an inlay on the headstock, the first 100 of these guitars are pretty much the same as those produced afterwards.  This is in sharp contrast to the 600 series First Editions, which Andy Burns gave ebony backstraps, inlays on front and rear, an ebony ring around the soundhole, and Adirondack spruce bracing.  To be fair, though, the Adirondack isn’t likely to do anything for a mahogany top anyway.  At prices this low, (Minumum Advertised Price looks to be $2599) they should be flying off the shelves… once you figure out where to find them!

P.S. Inside sources at Taylor tell us that the 610ce (dreadnaught) First Editions are finally rolling out this month as well!

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