Taylor Announces New Options!

Taylor informed us that they have some new options available on their guitars, and some of you will be very pleased.

The author’s 614ce with Player Package in foreground, the back of his 618e First Edition behind it.

It isn’t the latest news that it’s now possible to order Taylor guitars (500 series and up) with the Player’s Package (Adirondack spruce bracing and Gotoh 1:21 tuners).  This makes it a real world thing to own a guitar that has all the features that made the 600 series First Editions great — AND have the very smooth and classy Gotoh tuner upgrades.  It’s not cheap; The upgrade retails for $400.  The author can tell you without reservation that it’s worth every penny to have the responsiveness and overhead that Adi bracing provides.  Gotoh tuners make alternate tuning quick and easy too!

Just today, Taylor added even more options!  Until today, the Grand Orchestra bodies were not available as cutaways.  Some of you may not know they should care, especially if you don’t play above the 12th fret, but this also alters the sound chamber, and may play a part in increasing the clarity of the guitar.  Available now in Florentine only (the pointy one) one can now order a 618ce or 856ce!  The cutaway adds the same standard $200 retail.

Last, but certainly not least, is neck choices.  Now one can specify which neck shape/thickness, from these three alternatives: 1) Slim, 2) G5, and 3) V, in addition to the standard neck.  (See diagram below)  This option is only $100 retail, and those who enjoyed Taylor’s previous slim neck designs will be tempted to order that walk down memory lane!

TaylorNeckOptions4-14-16Taylor Guitars is the clear leader in innovation, constantly working to bring us more choices and new products.  It’s no wonder, then, that they have the lion’s share of the market in guitars over $500.  You can talk to your favorite Taylor authorized dealer for details on getting the guitar of your dreams with these selections.

A shameless plug: as of the  NAMM show this year, I’m officially part of an independent authorized Taylor dealer.   So yes, you can reach me if you’d like to get an amazing deal on a new Taylor, just by writing to John@Gracewinds.com.  Shameless plug?  You bet!  Why would I apologize for helping you, dear reader, great deals and service as well as expert counsel on which Taylor and options are right for you?

We maintain objectivity in our reviews.  It’s just that Taylor shines so very brightly that it’s a bit hard to ignore.

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