Bionaire Cool Mist Humidifier

The debate on the best way to ensure your prized possessions are best protected from changes in humidity has been going on for years.  With technological advancements such as Humidipak, and the old-school sponges, etc., it’s become easier to use the case for more than protection against dents and bumps.  Cases also provide a more controlled environment against the evil “H” word — yes, humidity. The downside to all these great new remedies is you can’t walk into room and see your magnificent instrument(s) with all those beautiful wood grains, inlays, truss rod covers and the rest of the eye candy. Major bummer!

Several high-end acoustic guitars hung on the wall.
Hanging ’em high at Mike’s house

I like to hang my guitars in my music room….I prefer not having to pull out a case to get one when I feel like playing it for a few minutes before I go to work in the morning, or on a whim….or just to look at them.  (Yes, my wife says I have some issues…but that’s another article). Unfortunately I live in the great white north known as Canada, Montreal more precisely. Here we have a long period known as winter when the heat gets turned on and the humidity in the “igloo” drops like a rock. Wood guitars and dry air do not mix.  The damage resulting from attempting to do so has kept many a luthier in business for years.  I have found a solution which has served me well, and allows me to enjoys my visual wall art, and I’m happy to share it with you: I purchased the Bionaire cool moisture humidifier (about $35.00) and it works like a charm!

Bionaire programable Humidifier
Bionaire programmable Humidifier
Humidifier showing 47% relative humidity at 74 degrees F.
Looks good to go

It has 3 fan settings (Hi-Med-Lo) and you can pre set the humidity level you want it to maintain….I set her to 45…..and as you can see she’s almost spot on.The unit will carry a good quantity of water so you won’t need fill it everyday.

So if you like to “hang’em high”, here’s a solution that will answer both sides of the argument

Carpe Diem!

Mike B.



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