The New Album

Not counting the EP I recorded while living in West Africa, this new album is the first full length studio recording since Threadbare Dreams.

Truth be told, I was never happy with TD. I’d wanted it to be intimate, like when friends came over and asked me to play. What happened, though, was under arranged and overproduced, more like a polished songwriter’s demo. I’m grateful to all of you who asked for it and tell me you enjoy listening to it, but it’s time to do the songs justice.

There are simply too many songs waiting to be heard to re-record any from TD… though you may yet find me performing some of them. Stand by for some serious magic.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge, as Steven Stills put it. I’m now in my 60th rotation around the sun, and hopefully a better craftsman and being than I was in the early days. But the songs aren’t all new. Some of them were pulled from way back when… and so this is a journey in time, place and growth. I hope you’ll enjoy feeling and experiencing those times with me.


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